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We were notified today that the company plans on sending a mandatory vaccine message to the non-union (management) employees. CWA nationally has been notified and will be caring for the effects bargaining for union members, so this message does not apply to us. When CWA bargaining on this subject is completed the details will be shared with all the members of our Local.

Today we met with the company and had lengthy discussions related to scheduling and vacation selections in the Plant department. The company has shown complete ineptness in dealing with these issues. They must take our proposals seriously with clear concise language in our contract. We have also received a letter of support from our Connecticut congressional delegation and have included a link to view the letter. It is good to know that we have friends of labor in elected offices. And remember, while we are working without a contract, there will be no changes to your wages, benefits, or working conditions and negotiations will continue.

Don't forget to wear BLACK tomorrow and show our solidarity Remember, when WE FIGHT, WE WIN!