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Frontier is making it very clear that they are going to continue to do business without a partnership with the Union. Our relationship is our collective bargaining agreement. They do not respect our agreements and the members of our local. They continue to ignore our practices associated with contract language. They clearly would rather use contractors on the front end of a customer call and invest in contractors to build the network that will lead us into the future. This results in poor customer service and sloppy, shoddy, unsafe work in the field. They have bargained in bad faith, failed to provide information, and have jammed a surplus offer into Article 7 while using contractors who are performing work within the scope of the SST single title. Frontier has become our worst employer ever. As bad as ATT-SBC were, they generally followed the contract. As Frontier continues this behavior, we will use all our tools and resources to represent our members and fight Frontier until they commit to investing in Connecticut jobs with our members. They have bailed out on the grow the business, grow jobs message that they were committed to when they acquired us in 2014.


Frontier has singularly chosen to move forward on their own. I hope they at some point realize the value the Union can bring to growing the business and jobs in Connecticut. Times certainly have changed but our ability to fight to protect our rights has not. We will respond!

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