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Jeffrey Salka: My name is Jeffrey Salka and I was going to use my introduction to talk about my candidacy but after being all over plant 2 with Joe Weber my business agent I thought it would be appropriate at this time to take a pause and thank all of you for your support,  kind words and tough questions. Thank you!

Believe me plant 2 members Joe and I heard you loud and clear. We heard that you are demanding change. I assure you we want change too and as outsiders we will deliver that for you if elected. I can’t thank the membership enough for the outpouring of respect you showed us.  Respect and professionalism is what you will get in return for your vote. I also want to mention and thank the other two candidates Ray and Rob for their respect of the process and how well they ran a clean campaign. In the end the three of us realize that in order to stay strong we have to rise up together and knocking one piece down is knocking us all down. We are better than that.

It was a great couple weeks getting to see and talk with as many of you as I could and if elected I hope to do it more often. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again we will have your back and everything matters to us. Everything!

In solidarity and your candidate for Plant 2 Vice President, Jeffrey Salka

Ray Lucarelli:


Howard Coling:


Rob Lanza:


Question #1- Who are you picking as a business agent?

Jeffrey Salka: Joe Weber, he has 35 years experience in the company. He is a former splicer, business tech, and cable repairman. I have the upmost confidence that Joe will be a great asset with all his knowledge and experience.

Ray Lucarelli:  My reply is simply that I will look at every candidate that shows an interest and if I am elected, I will select the best candidate for the position, one who will benefit the Plant 2 employees with both listening and communication skills, so that all our members can be heard, acknowledged and responded to appropriately.  I also did not want to subject anyone to the negative type campaigning that has occurred.  I also wanted to be able to stand on my own merits and abilities to do this Job. I hope that satisfies you question and again anyone that would like to express in interest please let me know.

Thank you Ray  -203-305-8938

Howard Coling:


Rob Lanza:


Question #2- Was anyone here, part of the plan to help get E-board members removed from office that led to terminations?



Jeffrey Salka: I had no part in getting anyone removed from office and I also had no involvement in the process that led to individuals getting fired. I was never approached or questioned by asset protection pertaining to the unprofessionalism that went on at headquarters.

Ray Lucarelli: I can only speak for myself, I absolutely can say that I would take and fight through the grievance process “win or lose”  ANY discipline ANY DAY rather that help the company FIRE ANY employee!!!!!! I think I can prove that easily as of late, and someday I might, but for now I would just like to add that this election has proven to myself and I hope most of you that we can have a clean election were three people can just campaign on our abilities and not slander and bring in unnecessary demeaning propaganda. As some of us really are in it for our employees and not for selfish reasons. To that end good luck to all the candidates, and I will continue to be the person I have always been, I will help anyone, anytime for any reason as I have always !!! I will be honest, truthful, dedicated, and I will work tirelessly to represent Plant 2 to the best of my ability.

Thank you again for the opportunity, Ray

Howard Coling:


Rob Lanza:

September 19, 2022 Letters mailed to membership with timetable
September 26, 2022 CWA Local 1298 Plant 2 membership list available for candidates to view at HQ (appointment with election committee required)
September 27, 2022 Candidates' declaration of intent to run must be established with election committee via e-mail at by noon
September 28, 2022 Online petitions process instructions and personal pin mailed to members home
October 3, 2022 Online petitions process begins at noon via website with personal pin
October 17, 2022 Online petition process closes at noon.
October 17, 2022 Return date for candidate bio. w/ photograph
October 18, 2022 Petitions to be verified by the Election Committee
October 19, 2022 Virtual candidates night via Local 1298 website ( ) Questions may be submitted to election committee between October 19th - October 24 th by noon. Candidate answers will be posted via website by 7:00 p.m on October 24th October 25, 2022 Ballots mailed
November 15, 2022 Voting closes at noon ballots are counted by American Arbitration Association and reported by end of day

All questions related to the election process can be answered by the Election Committee or 203-288-5271