The mission of the UAP/Peer to Peer Committee is to bring a network of Local members who have an interest in supporting their Union brothers and Sisters through difficult times. They have dedicated their time and received training to add an additional layer of contact points throughout the State to assist our UAP’s if necessary.   Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the committee members if you need assistance.


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UAP/Peer to Peer group
Current Committee Members:
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  • Jason Bannon 203-430-5317
  • Chris Jackson  203-415-4739
  • Jason Geiger 860-906-4048
  • Chas Weid  203-592-9282
  • Rain Marini 860-416-8742
  • Chris Murphy 203-704-0924
  • Patricia Brady  203-218-2415
  • John Collins 203-979-4714
  • Lucia Coelho 203-206-5803
  • Colleen Holbrook 860-983-7885