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A Message from President Dave Weidlich

Dear CWA Local 1298 Brothers and Sisters,

On February 7, the bankers and tellers at the Wells Fargo Prospect branch located at 66 Waterbury Road delivered a letter to management declaring they were forming a union with CWA and filed a petition with the NLRB to schedule an election. If successful, they will be the first branch in Connecticut and the fifth branch in the nation to form a union at Wells Fargo. But with 60 branches and over 1000 employees in Connecticut, this is just the beginning of making Wells Fargo a union bank. 

The workers are excited to join the CWA Local 1298 family but over the next few weeks, until they get to vote, they will face an onslaught of anti-union propaganda from management trying to discourage them from voting yes. Providing financial services is stressful work, especially when staffing is cut to the bone and everyone left is doing two or three jobs with no additional compensation. One mistake can cost them their job. Meanwhile, the bank’s CEO just gave himself a $4.5 million raise. 

The workers need our support. If you bank at Wells Fargo, please take the time to visit this branch and express your support to the tellers and bankers for their courage to stand together and demand a voice and respect on the job.