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A Message from Dave Weidlich, President

Workers don't have a fair shot at a decent contract when the deck is stacked against them. While working people join together in unions to negotiate fair wages, safe working conditions, and respect on the job, many employers simply refuse to bargain or negotiate in good faith.

Because striking workers cannot access unemployment benefits, employers can try to starve workers out – preying upon their fears or eviction, loss of health insurance, and other hardships.

Contact your state representative and urge them to level the playing field by allowing striking workers to access unemployment benefits!

Let's be clear: no one wants to strike. When workers vote to strike, they do it because they have no other option.

It's cruel to allow workers exercising their right to strike to go hungry, bankrupt, or lose their homes because they are temporarily out of work. What's worse is that this is exactly the strategy of some employers.

Urge your state representative to support UI for striking workers!

The bottom line is workers shouldn't have to choose between better working conditions or putting food on the table.

Striking Workers