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Over the last week the Orange Bargaining Committee has continued to meet with the Company. There has been some positive movement in many areas, and we know that movement is because of the hard work all of you are doing mobilizing. The Company can hear you loud and clear demanding a fair contract. While we are happy to report that some progress has been made, we need you to continue to put the pressure on and ramp up mobilization because we are still far apart on the most important issues. AT&T is not just going to give us what we want, we all must continue to fight. The Bargaining Team is committed to bargaining as long as it takes to get a fair contract, and with all of you backing us up through mobilization we know we will be successful.

The Union has agreed to another three-week contract extension which expires on April 29, 2022. We are inspired by all of the hard work you are doing! Keep Up the Fight!

Stay Informed! Stay Mobilized! Stand United!


Pat Telesco, District 1 ​​​​Renee Rouser, Local 4320

Tonya Hodges, District 1 ​​​Danielle Brewer-Collier, Local 4900

Michael Baxter, Local 1101​​​ Corey Davis, Local 7103

Frank Oliva, Local 1298​​​ Rosa Wilson, Local 7110

Hannah Long, Local 2204​​​ Alex Dorado, Local 9421

Jeff Reamer, Local 13000 ​​​Erdem Onder, Local 9509