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A Message from Dave Weidlich, President

Frontier has notified the Union that they are experiencing technical difficulties with their systems. Some groups that are currently working from home may be required to return to the office until the issue is resolved. These are departmental decisions. The Union has requested that the company provide notice to the CWA Vice Presidents before individual groups are notified. If you have any questions please contact your Steward, Chief Steward, Business Agent or Vice President.

Here is the language from our Union contract in the Work At Home Agreement:

Section 9. Equipment Malfunctions

9.1. Employees must immediately inform supervision of the malfunction of any work-at-home terminal/equipment or services, or power outages or other events that disable the use of such terminal/equipment or services for more than fifteen (15) minutes. These situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

9.2. In such cases, however, employees may be required to come into the office within two (2) hours after receiving notice to do so if they have a Company-provided laptop computer or use of a computer-equipped work station in the office, or within three (3) hours if they must bring in their Company-provided desktop computer, in order to finish their shifts, and for future scheduled shifts until the issue is resolved.